Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday, lovely Sunday

So we finally have a back yard suitable for humans. Today we took down the barricade and Sophie and I ventured out to take advantage of the beautiful Sunday. It's a long sleeves kind of day and as soon as I laid Sophie on the blanket, she fell asleep. She's had it rough lately. Her first tooth sprouted on Thursday and she's been battling some fierce sniffles. (Mom's? Dad's? Advice is welcome.) She loves the outdoors and the fresh air seems to be the best medicine - at least in terms of getting her to nap. When Roy finished being Mr. Fix-it, he made himself a bourbon drink and joined me and Sophie. Soon Wendy made her way over, too.
The yard still needs a little work. The grass hasn't settled in everywhere and the fences need to be replaced. Raised bed need to be built and bulbs need to be planted. But at least we can go outside, put a blanket on the ground, and enjoy the outdoors.

Lovely. Just lovely.


Strangeite said...

If you look closely at the picture, you will see that Anna has a bourbon drink as well.

stacey said...

You are so right, Roy! Ha Ha! It looks like it was a blessed afternoon.