Thursday, July 12, 2007

a big day

Dear Sophie,

This week, with some anxiety, some relief, and some sadness, you moved to her your own bed. We loved 10 months of the family bed, but I got the sense that you were ready to move on. You wanted to move and to roll and we were growing tired of you kicking us in the back and grabbing our faces while we were sleeping. The transition has gone surprisingly well. The first couple of days you cried a few times, but you went back to sleep in minutes. Last night, I didn't hear a peep from you until 7am and as I was trying to drag myself out of bed, you stopped crying and went back to sleep. I just hope we don't make the same mistake we made with the Wendy dog, who was so good as a puppy we didn't train her at all.

Also, dear little one, you've been sick. A cough and runny nose has plagued you and I can tell you don't feel well. Your nose hurts and I understand why you turn from my Kleenex. It's red and sore from so much snot. I'm sorry. You also don't like it when I use the aspirator to suck it out. I don't blame you. It can't be pleasant.

You've spent almost a year on this planet. You've traveled and met people and laughed and cried and experienced lots of what we people do here on earth. I'm continuously excited to watch you grow and explore. It's just going to get more fun. Soon you'll crawl or walk instead of rolling. I'm excited for this, yet I expect that when it starts to happen, I'll wonder why I was excited for you to pull the books of the shelves and wires from the electronics.

You're going to spend tonight with Stephanie while dad and I go see Harry Potter. Be good and let her love on you. She loves you and you will love her, too. And mommy and daddy need to go on a date and I don't want you to scare her off.



Leigh said...

my favorite entry yet. I love it! :)

Nikki said...

Aww, that was beautiful. I think she is going to really love all of this when she grows up. She is a very lucky girl to have such amazing parents. :)