Wednesday, August 15, 2007

and so it begins

So on Monday I began my 29th year. I feel older when I say it that way which, if I were beginning my 17th year, would suit me fine. Pushing 30 doesn't scare me. I don't feel old. In fact, I hope to remain perpetually 19, although most of my priorities have changed. In a lot of ways, 19 year old AnnaMarie would give me a real talking to, mostly regarding conformity and my lack of political involvement. Still, what is most evident to me is the way I chose to spend my birthday. My dear friends kept asking me when we were going out for drinks, how we were going to celebrate, and all that jazz. Finally, one wise person asked me, "AnnaMarie, what do YOU want to do on your birthday?" I finally admitted to them - and myself - that I didn't want to do a damn thing. And you know what? I didn't.

I left work an hour early (a direct order from my boss) and went to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk, bubble bath, a magazine, and nail polish. I walked to Sophie's daycare with her stroller and strolled her home. I cooked my favorite meal of chicken and caramelized onions with rice and fresh Shelby County corn from the cob cooked in butter. I opened a Grolsch. I sat on the front porch for almost an hour and talked to my mom. I picked up Sophie and she nursed and went to sleep without a peep. I drew a bath. Poured in the bubble bath. Grabbed the magazine and a nail clipper. Read and gave myself a little pedicure. Got out. Put on my bath robe. Went to the living room and vegged in front of the TV and painted my toenails a very pretty shade of light pink. I never paint my nails. They always look too fancy. But I only celebrate my birthday once a year. My toes deserve to look fancy. By 10:00 I was in bed reading a great book by Kentucky author Silas House. I could've been at a bar, at a restaurant, at a club, or anywhere. But I was in bed, my baby was sleeping, and my husband was next to me. What a wonderful celebration!


Strangeite said...

Funny how the river of Life flows around Time’s bends and shoals. It was truly a blessing meeting that 17 year old girl with the shaved head playing cards in the Bethel Fine Arts Center. Ten years have passed since that chance meeting and my life has been enriched beyond my deepest dreams because of it. These years have been the best years in my life and yet I know that they are nothing compared to what the future holds. You have already given me a lovely home, a beautiful daughter, a wonderful dog, etc. etc. etc. However, my most cherished gift from you is the companionship that you have granted me and the promise that you want to explore this river by my side. I can not tell you what will happen tomorrow or the next day, but I welcome each additional minute that I have with you as an added blessing. Happy Birthday Anna.

kclblogs said...

i'm inspired by the toenail polish. i never use it either, and you make it sound so refreshing! i'm glad you had such a satisfying celebration.

and roy, that was a moving comment -- thanks for making it public!

AnnaMarie said...

Katie, the nice thing about toenail polish is that it doesn't go bad for years and years, so it's okay for a once-a-year fancy!