Friday, October 19, 2007

an unexpected week

On Monday night, my eye hurt. Nothing crazy, just a little sore. Tuesday morning I went to work and it was a little bit swollen and irritated, but I let it go. Nothing major. At 1:00, my boss sent me home with pink eye. Sophie had it about 2 weeks ago and I must've picked it up when I changed her sheets or touched something germy.

That being said, my boss hasn't let me come back to work all week. I went in yesterday and when she saw me said, "What are you doing here? Go home. I'm serious. You can't be here!" I called her this morning and she told me to stay home again today. So here's a rundown of my week...

Tuesday afternoon: Nap. Picked up Sophie at 3:00.

Wednesday: Swallowed my guilt and took Sophie to day care. I SERIOUSLY cleaned my living room (I'm talking pulled out couches, went through magazines, vacuumed the radiators, CLEANED) and created a little reading nook. Then I made a pot of tea and played Zelda.Thursday: Tried to go to work and was sent home, but not until I wiped down my area with alcohol swabs. My mother-in-law had Sophie so Roy and I had breakfast than I slept from (you ready for this?) 11:30 - 2:30. Mmmm.... nap. Played a little more zelda, did a little more cleaning, then Sophie came home.

Friday: I don't know yet! Sophie's taking an early nap and I'm looking forward to a day of playing. I might call the doctor seeing as my eyes are still pink and itchy. But I have rested and taken some time for myself this week. Unexpected and wonderful.


Mary Bix said...

Good for you Annie - Even if you DID have pink eye, it created time for YOU!!! Watched the adorable video. I get soooo lonesome for Sophie !!! But next week, watch out! I'm going to HOG her!!

Nikki said...

he he he, you Zelda fiend...I'm sure you needed the time off though. I use to get pink all ALL THE TIME. Warm up a wet wash cloth and put it on your eye. It really helps soothe it.

kclblogs said...

oh, good. glad you had this rejuvinating time!

kristin said...

years ago, before my own kids, i had to close down preschool for a few days because all us teachers had pink eye.

take it.