Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what a weekend!

I suppose it says something that I'm writing about my weekend on Tuesday night and am STILL too exhausted to trouble with formatting pictures for my blog. I have taken the time, however, to upload new ones to my picasa album. ------>

For those of you who don't know, my mom, dad, grandma, brother, sister-in-law, niece, aunt, uncle, cousin, and his two girls were in town. And yes, it was as amazing and chaotic as you can imagine! My niece is 9 days younger than Sophie and a real spitfire! She's been walking since 9 months and was all over the place. By Sunday, she and Sophie would disappear only to be found playing in Sophie's room or climbing stairs (!!!!). She really inspired Sophie and Sophie is now doing LOTS of things she wasn't doing before Ella arrived, such as climbing in and out of her car and walking while holding only one hand. This was a short glimpse of what we're in for during Christmas and I can't wait.

Not everyone stayed in our house, just my immediate family and my grandma. The others stayed in a hotel. I don't know WHERE we would've put them!! We enjoyed great Kentucky fare, such as $.79 Burgers and Shakes, Graeters Ice Cream, Spauldings Donuts, and Joseph Beth. The boys went to Keeneland, mom and I went to Rebelle (my yarn store) for Socktoberfest and the other girls went to Natasha's. We ate like royalty, kept liquor barn in business, and laughed at the craziness that took place with the Wii. (check out Roy's blog for more on this) Watching my dad play pool brought back memories of my Grandma Betty playing Pac Man on the atari, no doubt exactly what he wants to hear.

Roy's family has embraced me with open arms and I love them dearly, but there's nothing like my own kin to share my goofiness, understand my upbringing, and share the stories of childhood.

And if you are intending on hosting a party this large, I would like to suggest investing in a large peculator.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine...that's a lot of people...crazy people...a lot of CRAZY PEOPLE!!

stacey said...

It was a grand time...thank you so much for your hospitality. I'm on the other side of things as the in-law and enjoy seeing Jeremy's family all together and seeing how his family relates to each other. Christmas is right around the corner!

Unknown said...

It was indeed a great weekend — thanks! And if my lack of expertise at the Wii brought pleasure and entertainment to my family (in the model of my mother) I'm more than happy to oblige. I expect TimBob will live forever.
I too, can't wait for Christmas!

Sara said...

You were the perfect hostess! What I love about my family is that I can be who I am and nobody judges. That's rare. Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend.