Friday, October 5, 2007

working from home

Sophie woke up this morning with a crusty, partly swollen eye. She was in a great mood, but I'm not one to mess with that kind of thing so off we went to see Dr. Warner. I stopped by work to check my email, voice mail, and put some work on my jump drive- just in case.

It's a good thing I did. Pink Eye. Easily treatable, very contagious, so home with my files and a tired baby who would (hopefully!) nap long enough for me to get a good bit of work in.

3 hours, a rested, fed, and happy baby later, I'm rewarding myself with blog post. I got a remarkable amount done.

Here are some long overdue photos. Oh! And for those of you who don't know, that's dear mom and dad on my previous post. Mom told me that dad came home from work and said, "Have you seen Anna's blog recently?" when she said no, dad said she should probably take a look. Thanks to my dear brother for keeping me stocked with pictures of them back in the day.

Roy is such an amazing dad. Because of him, Sophie will now give us high 5's and put the ear bud of my iPod up to her ear and dance. He'll even talk on her pretend cell phone with a bowl on his head. Is that dedication or what?
We recently got furniture for our front porch and have enjoyed our evenings outdoors.
I especially like this one because Sophie looks like she's trying to tell us she loves us after a few too many.
Bath time is ever so much fun.
For Sophie's birthday, the dear Nikki gave her babylegs. I have been coveting these from the moment I saw them. Roy thinks they're totally impractical. What a guy.


Nikki said...

yay!!! she looks so stinking cute!

Nikki said...
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Mary Bix said...

CuteCuteCute!!!! I can hardly stand being away from her! How about another movie???

Melissa said...

I am loving those babylegs! I was thinking of getting a pair for myself but Im pretty sure I wont look as cute as precious Sophie - not even close! Guess I'll just stick with white socks.

Karin said...

Congrats on the front porch furniture. You should open a local chapter of the Professional Porch Sitters Union. Ours is thriving! See:

Rachel said...

My oh my. What a beautiful little one you have!