Sunday, November 11, 2007

soooo pitiful - UPDATE

As I type, Sophie is laying on the floor on two big pillows, covered by a blanket. Sophie is not a "laying on the floor" type kid and we know something is wrong.

We took her to the doctor Thursday morning for a follow-up ear check and Dr. Warner expressed concern over the sound of her chest ("not quite bronchitis") and that the infection had spread to both ears. She was put on an antibiotic and we hoped she would improve. Friday evening was spent cleaning puke off both parents and exchanging worried looks. All day Saturday was spent taking her temperature (consistently 101.4), filling her with pedialyte and encouraging her to eat. Today the fever is gone and she's not puking, but she is soooo lethargic. I'm sure she's weak, but she won't eat anything. She ate some yogurt this morning (c'mon good bacteria!!) and a little banana this afternoon, but otherwise I can't get anything into her little body.

Tomorrow we'll go back to the doctor. I've already called my boss and she's shared reassuring, mom words. I'm expecting he'll switch antibiotics and we'll be on the road to a healthy little bird. I sure hope so. I just hate seeing her like this.

UPDATE: Sophie woke up this morning and seemed to be feeling much better. She's eaten some yogurt and is now taking her morning nap. I called the doctor, just to be safe, and they said they've been seeing a lot of stomach bugs and it sounds like the worst is over. Whew!! Thanks, blog moms, for the sympathy and reassurance when I'm panicky and irrational!!


kclblogs said...

it's so heartbreaking when little ones are sick like that! i hope it clears up soon. i think worst of all is not knowing exactly what it is.

Rae said...

In a situation like this, love, cuddles, lots of books, drinks and kisses are the best medicine.... until the doc can have his/her say. Hope she's feeling better soon, and doesn't give it to the rest of you!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo sickness in little ones can be so scary! John and I have already experienced the "exchanging worried looks" several times - that's not a good feeling! Hope she's back to health soon.

kclblogs said...

oh, good.