Saturday, December 1, 2007

I woke up with this poem dancing in my head

These Days
By Diane di Prima

undisguisedly mirthful & given
to lavish dancing. Permanently
removed from concern abt my
kitchen. Love is a liquor that
warms the blood. It is useful
in that it stirs in me at dawn
& I see the mist burn off & the
waters still. Then the wind
rises. I don't call anyone, but
walk to the meadow w/ Rudi.
We float narcissus & stare
at whitened wood. When
we return, love is rousing as the
good Celebes coffee I brew
the stoneware cup tingles rough
under my fingers. Elton John
gives way to Monk when Alex
gets up. There are white caps
on the Bay & love is a taste
in my mouth, a fur
of light on my eyes.
Perhaps I'll call you later.
Perhaps I'll pump
over yr dirt road & visit
with the children.

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Mary Bix said...

I love that poem AnnaMarie!!!!Mom