Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ludachristmas (yes this title is stolen from "30 Rock" but it's appropriate)

This Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Cornett family. Sometimes I think I should make a family tree, a la "100 Years of Solitude" that non-Cornett's can refer to.

This years' Christmas was much more calm than in years past, even though there were oodles of babies underfoot, miniature remote control cars being raced, rabid Kentucky fans watching their beloved Cats get trounced by UAB (AGAIN! Are you KIDDING me?), and a table overflowing with all things sweet and delicious.

I love the Cornett family, and I love the Cornett Christmas. This event began at noon and Grandma and Granddad's amazing house in Midway. We ate, drank, and oh were we merry. It's amazing how infrequently we see even those family members who live nearby. But Uncles James and Charles and "their women" Robin and Vicki came up from Florida, and cousin Maria called in from Boston. Gifts were exchanged, babies were passed around and no one fell down the stairs or had any other major incidents. (Although I seem to recall something early in the day regarding Aubrey and Pa, but he's keeping mum.)

Roy and I stuck around the house chatting with some of the family as we waited for dinner. Sophie went to Granny's and Roy and I headed to 'The Quirk" in Midway for the annual Chrismas Dinner, sponsored by the Cornett men (the ones who have gone gray). A friend of the family recently bought this adorable little restaurant and book store and we had the place all to ourselves. We continued conversations started earlier in the day and new ones were started. The food was great and the atmosphere familial. Roy and I concluded our night with a final cocktail at The Black Tulip with Charles and Vicki.

I know there are people who don't get along with their inlaws, or who dread these family holidays. I am so grateful, so fortunate, to be part of such an incredible family.

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Rae said...

YEA! I love big Christmas celebrations! How wonderfully lucky you are to have inlaws that you love -- I am honored to have married into an amazing and wonderful family as well! Happy Christmas!

Nikki said...

Wow, all of those Cornetts in one house...I bet that is more fun than one person should be allowed to have. Looks like everyone had fun!