Sunday, March 9, 2008


Saturday, I shoveled snow for the first time in 8 years. I have missed the snow since I moved to Kentucky in 2000 and was very excited to shovel. About 3 scoops in, however, my lower back aching, I decided I didn't miss it as much as I thought. Today, looking out my window, I would say we have about 6 inches on the ground. Even though it is March and I am anxious for spring, the snow was a wonderful treat.

Our dear friend Josh came over and, after filling their bellies with chili, he and Roy worked for hours building their version of Cthulhu, one of H.P. Lovecraft's characters.

They came inside, frozen, looking for coffee, hot chocolate, and maybe a little bourbon.

Sophie sat by the window watching the action and eating goldfish.

And she read.I laid on the couch reading the Fodor's Guide to N. California, as I prepare this July's bachelorette party for my best friend, Carrie.

I also took advantage of this day, Sophie's 18 month birthday, to photograph her in all of her growing, precocious self.The day was perfection. Sunday looks to be on target to be another, amazing, wonderful day.


Rachel said...

You have one incredibly beautiful child. My goodness! And what a snow creation! We have feet of snow, but nothing as cool as that.

Nikki said...

Can I just say, that is one FINE Cthulu!

beinmyOWNself said...

GOTTA quit givin' that baby those cute pills....she's so cute it hurts now.

kclblogs said...

what a treat for a northerner living in KY! we even had a few little dustings here last week. can't believe it. oh, and that sophie is something else!

beinmyOWNself said...

won't someone PLEASE send me a cooler o snowballs?

Strangeite said...

Being from Florida Dottie, I will forgive you for being inexperienced with snow. A cooler of snowballs wouldn't be so much a cooler of snowballs but a cooler of hard-as-rock iceballs. You would actually get better results by taking a snow cone machine and making snowballs.

Hitting someone in Florida with a snowball would be a great prank; but, I think you would regret it when they are lying on the ground bleeding from the head.