Friday, March 28, 2008

Top 10 Moments from my trip north (so far)

10. Shopping in Sioux Falls with mom, aunt Sara, and Sophie.

9. Family dinners of food, wine, and oh so much laughter.

8. Staying up past midnight, waiting for dad to get home, and discussing the dress rehearsal of "The Sound of Music".

7. Hearing from an old friend, and scheduling a play date for tomorrow morning.

6. Listening to Sophie and Ella converse in their own language about the artwork in the bathroom and, later, whether or not they should defy their parents and go upstairs.

5. Watching my mom play with Sophie and her big exercise ball.

4. My purchases from the Etcetera Shoppe (Sophie: Jumper, $1; pink cable tights, $.25, white shirt that says, "I live in a magical forest", $1. Me: AWESOME skinny jeans that fit me like a glove, $2)

3. Coffee in the mornings with mom and dad while Sophie plays on the floor.

2. Seeing the people who have known me my whole life, and sharing hugs and memories.

1. Being in the home in grew up in, which never seems to change.


Strangeite said...

Sounds great. I hope you have confiscated your mom's camera and taken some pictures.

Strangeite said...

What did you do with Sophie when you had your play date?

Jen said...

Sounds so cozy....I am heading that way in a couple weeks to sing with my women's choir....need to hook up with your family!