Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the curse of the cornett spawn

When I was pregnant with Sophie, I started to get gray hair. "Don't worry," Roy's step-mom said, "it will fall out when Sophie is born."

20 months later and not only has it not fallen out, it has increased. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty content with getting older and I think gray hair is regal and stunning. But I'm 28. I could've waiting another, oh, 5 years before studying the top of my head in the mirror.

I think I have come to understand what is causing my gray hair.

For 9 months, I carried a Cornett child in my womb.

Roy's dad, and all of his uncles, are silver topped and Roy himself cannot remember a time when his father's hair held pigment. Roy started going gray in high school but during college it miraculously ceased. Even so, at 30, I am convinced that Roy will be totally gray - or at least salt and peppered - by 32.

So instead of blaming my age, I'm blaming my husband for my gray hair. I am sure I won't be the first.


Rae said...

The last time I got my haircut (by an overpriced "hair artist" who put too much gook in my hair and gave me psuedo-bangs even though I told him my one requirement was keeping all of my hair long enough to pull back in a ponytail -- sigh, I still have these annoying wisps of hair that dangle around my face in the most annoying way) he said -- "wow, look at that you've got a grey hair."
I'm with ya darling -- I could have at least waited until my 30th birthday to get that one.
And yes, I COMPLETELY blame my husband for it -- but seeing as how you know my husband, this should be no big surprise. : )

kclblogs said...

well, do you remember the story about great grandfather bixel? wasn't it his hair that ALL turned white in one day (the day the bank was robbed)? that's the story i remember :).

Claire said...

Speaking of bank robbery in Bluffton and Great Grandfather Bixel, there's a movie coming out directed by Johnny Depp about that robber and it's filmed in towns near my folk's place. We don't know yet if it will mention the Bluffton robbery or not.

Anyway... Marc's dad started getting gray hair in his early 30's and now Marc is starting. It's really noticeable on him, because his hair is practically black. Since my hair got a lot (like, A LOT!!!) darker with my pregnancy, the gray hairs will be showing one of these days if I have any. I'm sure they'll be coming soon... and it's another thing I can blame my husband on. :)

beinmyOWNself said...

AM, I just spewed cheap vodka and diet orange sierra mist out of my nose! I was reading along, smiling thinking of my own grays (I prefer to call them silver! I got them all in a big ol' Nightmare on Elm Street patch back when I hit 28), scrolling down, and read the "for 9 months, I carried a Cornett child in my womb" line, continued scrolling innocently expecting more words, sipping on my cocktail, and that picture SLAYED me......well played, my lovely, WELL played!!! You wear them with pride lovely! I consider them badges of honor, or at least merit badges in the war of life;) love love love you! I'm off to work sunfest for 5 days, and I'll be missin' my daily fix of coffee and girlies! Holla at you next week!!!!

beinmyOWNself said...'s officially May! One more month! Anybody got a Maypole to dance around?????

Nikki said...

Hey at least you have a husband and a last name to blame it on. I'm getting them and have no one to blame them on but my noisey neighbors I guess.

The Pinwheel Princess said...
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AnnaMarie said...

Oh my goodness Katie, I had forgotten about that!! Thank you for the memory!

And Steph? I love the Cornett family so much, I'll take it all.

Leigh said...

What a funny and adorable post! As wonderful as Roy is I am sure his family is as well. Gray hair is a small price to pay to have good people in your life. Plus, I am sure you will look smashing with gray hair! HUGS!

Modernicon said...

I'm pretty sure my hair went completely white when the Dr. told us our fourth child was going to be... yet another girl! Miraculously most of it turned brown again the next day. Alas I have had white hair since my 18th birthday and there seems to be no shortage of it.