Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's taught 2 now grown boys to play and accompanied hours of sing along's and around-the-room dances.

Its bench is worn from humid Florida air and sweaty behinds.

It was bought and cared for 26 years ago with deep love and hard work.

and boy oh boy is it heavy.

Two strong men were barely enough and I am grateful to our new, strapping, young neighbor Eric for being home, slipping on shoes, and helping us in the task.

After testing out a few scales, I wondered what to play first.

I opened my old blue hymnal, and turned to page 77, "The Stars Were Silent", written by my Grandpa Bixel. My fingers are out of shape and the piano needs a tune up, but boy... as the chords my grandpa penned echoed through the house, I suddenly felt at home and enveloped by my history and hopeful for our future.

Welcome, dear piano, to your second home. I hope you are ready for more lessons, more sing along's and around-the-room dances and yes, more sweaty behinds to leave prints on your well-worn bench.


beinmyOWNself said...

:) so happy for you, hon! miss priss looks right at home there:) i cant wait to hear it!
is it june yet?

kclblogs said...

oh, yes. we have a piano that is in terrible condition, but i still love having it here for the girls and i to play. it's so nice. enjoy!

The Pinwheel Princess said...

It seems perfectly welcomed in its new space. I can't wait to see you and Sophie, sitting there playing chopstix!

Anne and Leigh said...

AWWW I know how thrilled you were to be getting it and I am so glad it is now in your home!! I cant wait to hear you play it!


Nikki said...

I'm so glad you got it! And Dottie is right, Sophie does look right at home up there. Check out her awesome posture. :)

Mary Bix said...

Ohhhh AnnaMarie - I'm so happy for you that you FINALLY have a piano! I wish I were there so I could give Sophie lessons - she WILL take lessons, right? MOM

Jeff Fisher said...

I have come to realize that....Piano's are heavy but Sophies look cute playing them :). If you need to move it again I'm bring a doll cart, LOL

Jen said...

We just got one too.....and I need to get the kids playing something other than chopsticks and "heart and soul."

I am going to look up number 77.

Jen CD

Claire said...

Lucky duck! I am dreaming of the day where we get a piano. It seems like we JUST miss EVERY piano sale or give-away or something. Sigh... Enjoy it for me!

Rae said...

We acquired an old piano (not perfect, but it works) in a story that is complete "Brad" -- i'll tell it sometime. IT has been one of the most soothing things for me .... to sit down and play... to hear the kids plunk around.... to just have it. (Even minus E flat -- Fur Elise will never work on our piano...)
Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

....and also while at your parents' home this past weekend, we got to talking about your grandpa's music and your mom played a couple of his hymns on their piano. It was a great evening. (The several bottles of wine only made it finer!)