Monday, May 26, 2008

a long weekend

This weekend has been all at once exhausting, frustrating, and beautiful. Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday afternoon and evening, with homemade pizza that was a lot of work but turned out beautifully. We spent 3-4 hours on Saturday at Roy's Grandparents beautiful house. I regret deeply not taking the camera. They live on, what I would consider, the most beautiful piece of property in Central Kentucky. It doesn't hurt that their house, which Roy's Grandma designed, is absolutely beautiful.

When we pulled onto their steep driveway around 11am, Riley ran next door with cousin, Paul, Roy went to work on her computer, and I chatted with Grandma Jean while she got the muck out of the pond and built a protective covering for the pump. We sat for a while under their gazebo and Sophie traipsed through her plants, Grandma smiling on all the while. "My granddaughter can go wherever she wants."

Once Sophie discovered the golf cart it was over. I think we did a total of 6 rides around the back yard, past the creek and the crops of Iris's, down to the spring and around the big tree that resides there. I love driving the golf cart, but this got pretty old after the 3rd trip.

After a few hours, despite the beautiful day and scenery, I was ready to get home. I have laundry to do, a house to clean... it just never ends!

Suddenly, it's Monday, and here I am with more laundry to do, more rooms to clean, more visits to have, and tomorrow it's back to work.

Then, just when I think I have reached my limit, something like this happens.