Saturday, May 10, 2008

a wonderful 24 hours

While Mother's Day isn't technically until Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful Saturday weather (it's supposed to rain tomorrow) and head to the Louisville Zoo. We've been planning this all week and knew exactly what to do. In fact, even though Roy let me sleep in this morning, I was up by 7am for coffee and a good morning snuggle, too excited to sleep anymore.

The Louisville Zoo is spacious and has an incredible amount of green space that is favorable for picnics, so after our regular morning visit with Great Granddad, we headed to Whole Foods to buy food for lunch; grilled asparagus salad, roasted lamb, ginger sesame chicken, tomato and mozzarella salad, honey sweet potatoes, and of course a couple glasses of smuggled in wine.

When we were checking out, Sophie got some stickers.

Sophie loves animals, but I should have been more prepared for how intimidating these creatures would be to her in real life. When we walked into the Orangutan area, Sophie took one look at these large, lumbering animals and said, "no" and pointed toward to door.

So we took a break and rode the carousel, which she loved.

and let her take her own time... and have a little snack.

Finally, it was time to unpack our AMAZING picnic and we ate, laid around on the grass, played, and rested.

By 2:00, Sophie was an hour past her naptime and the zoo was getting increasingly crowded. Sophie had obviously had enough, and we decided to head home.

As I type, it nears 5:00. Roy naps, Sophie has yet another glass of Orange Juice, and we have an entire evening ahead of us. What to do!? We have an unwatched LOST and Battlestar Gallactica... a movie to trade at Blockbuster... the park down the street... Okay, so the sink is filled with dishes and if I don't do laundry soon, I'll have nothing to wear to work on Monday. But some things in life are much more important than these silly chores.

Happy Mother's Day too all of you inspiring moms!


Rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day! Keep on're doing amazing, amazing work!

beinmyOWNself said...

happy mother's day to one of the best moms i know! enjoy your day, sweetie!

kclblogs said...

i loved seeing those picture of you with sophie! you're a great mom.

Leigh said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

kristin said...

oh, what a glorious day.

you two look very much alike, don't you?

i wish i was on that picnic blanket right now...thanks for the images.

Nikki said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Anne and Leigh said...

Happy Mothers Day Sunshine!!


Rae said...

Isn't the zoo WONDERFUL! (That's another reason you should visit our town -- ours is amazing!)
Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!