Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's That Time!!

One of the busiest, most fun weeks/weekends of my life begins... today! I finished my library obligations yesterday and this morning head to the Festival of the Bluegrass to drop more stuff at camp and do whatever Grandma Jean needs from me. My best friend Carrie comes in from California this evening, and tomorrow we have a baby sitter ALL NIGHT. Oh goodness me. . .

But first, we had some important business to attend to.

Like getting re-aquainted with dear, out of town friends.
Looking fabulous. We seriously couldn't get these off of her.
Building the fire pit.
and preparing the tarps for the kitchen.
Can you tell his dad's a boyscout leader?

Ah, the festival... my favorite holiday.


Nikki said...

Mine too! Yay for festival!!!! You absolutely have to get that cute girl some of her own sunglasses though. She looked so cute! Of course though, I don't at all mind sharing with her. ;)

Anne and Leigh said...

I am so excited, I cant wait!!!


Leigh said...

I can't wait!!!

Rae said...

Some day we will have to pack up our family to experience this amazing festival. I have been snooping on your festival blog and wishing I could be in on the action too! Have a FABULOUS time for all of us stuck in the middle of the country. (And say hi to Carrie!)

Modernicon said...

I just want to second what rae said. Have a great time!!!

Jen said...

Looks like so much fun! We are big into Winfield these days, and will have to come that direction some day. Speaking of Winfield.....you and Roy and Sophie are VERY welcome to stay with us in September!!! We have a small house, but would love to have you here....and most of the day times it will be empty....there are lots of toys and a park across the street....you should come and stay with us!

Jen CD