Thursday, September 4, 2008

a much happier blog.

So the last blog was a bit of a downer. This one is better.

Sophie found the shoes I bought for Carrie's wedding and clomped all over the house. She does VERY well in heals.

On Monday she insisted wearing this outfit all morning, despite the fact that the hat fit her perfectly 18 months ago. You can't see it, but it is perched precariously on top of her head.

I love the movement in this picture:

and the end result. This child is all about the hug.
and this is more evidence of her lack of cooperation in wearing pants and diapers.

As our little bird turns 2, I can't believe the time that's passed. And yet she IS a two year old... she IS developing her personality, and we learn so much more about her every day. I'm excited to see what adventures this next year brings.


Nikki said...

YAY she does well in heels. I can't WAIT to take her shoe shopping!!! She's totally going to be my shopping buddy. ;)

Strangeite said...

No, your not Nikki. I am going to raise Sophie as fanatical Marxist Communist with anarchistic anti-capitalistic tendencies just so that I can keep my wallet safe.

Rae said...

Lauryn has been looking at the pictures of Sophie -- she is very excited to meet her. She sees, in the pictures, that Sophie has access to real horses: "Do you think she'll want to ride my [play] horse? Will she think its real? Because she can ride it, its okay."

AnnaMarie said...

That is so sweet of Lauryn to offer. You can tell her that yes, Sophie WILL want to ride her horse and she will love it regardless of whether or not its real.

We're excited to meet you too, Lauren - and Owen! (even though I met Owen when he was first born and again when he was Sophie's age... I'm sure he doesn't remember)