Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Sophie Weekend

It seems like every week heralds something new with our 2 year old. Whether it's a new word, skill, or story from day care, we can always expect SOMETHING to make us slap our foreheads, pull our hair out, or simultaneously "awwww"

I wish I'd taken our camera yesterday to our visit with Great Grandma and Granddad. Sophie and her Great Granddaddy (who have taken quite a shinning to each other) spent a considerable amount of time studying an ant and Bob told me that he thought they would make some steps to learn how to interview said ant. In moments like these I feel the full force of gratefulness that Sophie is getting to know this exceptional man.

The other day, Sophie was carrying around a beautiful native american doll that Maw Maw got her for her birthday. She lovingly placed it on a chair and said, "Maw Maw." She then went and got a big, round stuffed animal that makes a farting noise when you squeeze it, put it on the chair next to "Maw Maw" and said, "Pa!" I told Roy's dad not to read too much into it.

She's always had a thing for horses and this passion is ever expanding. After she rode her horse (aka our broom) around the kitchen, knocking off glasses and appliances with every turn, I gave her a yard stick instead. This has become one of her favorite toys, but I admit I'm growing tired of singing the theme song to The Lone Ranger. (I also appear to be the new queen of blurry pictures. My apologies.)
Also for her Birthday, Sophie recieved a small table and 4 chairs from her Granny. This has been a welcome addition to our life and we did some rearranging in the dining room to make room for it. I took this picture to be used in a future blog post, a before and after that will make an appearance in a short time. She spends a lot of time sitting at the table, setting out tea for an invisible Trenton, Aubrey, and Ella, playing with playdough, and coloring. She pours tea from her tea set every day and asks for coffee in the mornings. I think it might be time to invest in some decaf English Breakfast and introduce her to the finer points of a tea party (Thanks to cousin Rachel for the inspiration!)
Sophie's newest obsession appears to be clothes. Many, many mornings are a struggle with her a) not wanting to take off her pajama's, or b) not wanting to wear clothes at all. Other mornings she knows EXACTLY what she wants to wear and fortunatly, none of these things have been too hot or too cold for the weather. Lately she's been really into accessories, always wanting a ribbon in her hair, a bracelet on her wrist, or most recently, a "bandaid" (headband). Recognize the dress, mom?
And she wants to wear them everywhere.
This girl knows how to throw a tantrum, obsess over Wallace and Gromit, Elmo, and Homer Simpson, and give us fits in how badly she wants to sit at the computer and look at pictures. But mostly she's the sweetest girl. We picked her up from daycare sometime last week and her teacher told us that another little child had bitten her arm. He told me that this child was upset and crying. Sophie went to give him a hug, and he had bitten her. We, of course, were not happy that she had teeth marks on her arm, but we were so touched by this inherent desire of hers to be so loving and kind. I hope that she never loses this spirit especially in this all too often unkind world.


beinmyOWNself said...

with parents like you two, she's got a real head start on the loving kindness!

kclblogs said...

can't wait to see her again (even though i don't know when that will be)!

AnnaMarie said...

Katie, we'll be passing through Atlanta in January. It would be fun to see you and meet the newest little one!