Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why Do I Love Weekends?

Because of mornings like this.
and afternoons with the cousins.
There's time to make cupcakes from scratch.and look for Buckeye's at the park.
We get to see Riley. (Oh I love that boy)
and take advantage of the beautiful afternoon light.
Then it's all topped off with pizza and beer at a favorite restaurant.What's not to love?


Claire said...

I am so emotionally attached to weekends. Marc works every other weekend, so every other weekend is sort of a bummer feeling.


We manage to make them special and do things like pizza and wine or be with family and friends.

I hear ya on the joy of weekends!

Anne and Leigh said...

That first picture is just precious!!

The Pinwheel Princess said...

your little bird is precious.