Saturday, February 21, 2009

This has been such a strange week. On Monday morning I went to the doctor, where I was diagnosed with a a severe sinus infection. She sent me home with Antibiotics, steroids, and a note to stay home for a few days. A few days turned into an entire week. A headache so bad that it radiated into my back kept me on the couch all of Wednesday and most of Thursday, and the boss instructed me to stay home Friday so I could be well this coming week.

Today (Saturday) I finally feel normal. Despite a lingering sinus pressure, I'm feeling pretty darn good, and today's been a darn good day.

Roy's granddad, Bob, came over this morning and Sophie took advantage of him, bringing him book after book. I'm glad to finally get a picture of this!
This morning, Sophie brought me the movie "Amelie" and insisted on watching it. Riley became completely enthralled. At the end he looked at me with a surprised look on his face and said, "By the end I forgot I was reading!" I was so proud of him! I remember my first foreign film, "My Life as a Dog", and the world it opened to me. I wish the same for him and am already thinking about what our next film will be.

I made brunch and was proud of the perfect eggs over medium. I couldn't help but think about Grandma's story about grandpa seeing a bear at the Lot, right after she had made the perfect egg over easy.

Cousin Paul came over this afternoon and he and Riley played D&D. We ate hamburgers and french fries, and there was a HEATED discussion about which Star Wars movies are best, 1-3 or 4-6. Let's just say I'm not sure my husband will ever have hope for the next generation.

We also did a bit of skyping with my Jeremy and Ella.
It's been a good day - complete. Family. Friends. Children. And a random snow storm. I'm filled with daydreams of spring and have decided that my favorite season is the cusp of winter and spring. Spring is such a tease, and I'm such a flirt.


Rae said...

Hope you're finally feeling better... what a wonderful Saturday to experience, after a week of sickness.

Love ya!

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kristin said...

may you be well all week.

you flirt.

: )

beinmyOWNself said...

glad you're feeling better, lovely!