Sunday, May 24, 2009

counting blessings

Last week I turned to Roy and said, "I just want to write a blog!" His response was, "tell me about it." It was an expression of just how busy and stressed out we have been. Work has been very stressful for me and Roy has been working so hard - much harder then me - planning the Festival.

But I have had reason throughout the weeks to also count my blessings and I am happy to say that life has continued. We have experienced the beauty of this spring, despite the lack of blog posts. It is the doing and not the posting that I will remember in the long run.

The most significant blessing is that Riley, who currently lives an hour away, is moving with his family to Georgetown, 20 minutes away! This is huge for so many reasons I can hardly begin to type them all. A couple of weeks ago I met Riley's mom in Georgetown at the informational meeting for his swim team. She and I sat together in the back and talked, took notes, and compared calendars. I came home with such joy that there was no animosity or awkwardness between the two of us; we both know we do it for Riley. You will see many more pictures of Riley on this blog, and I had a whole series to go with this post but can't find them on the computer! This one will have to do. And oh, there will be so much more of this!
From am's picasa

Sophie will turn 3 in September and it seems like every 2 months we see a significant jump in her ability to... to everything. She talks up a storm, she has new fears (bugs - gasp!!!), and is showing more and more of her kind spirit. There are dozens of kittens down the street (don't ask) and we go visit them almost daily. She is remarkably gentle. If someone is hurt, she is doting. And she simply cannot stand to be in trouble. Time outs are like prison to this little girl.

She continues to by shy in public and in new situations. They had a spring program at school and she sat there with this look on her face the whole time. She didn't sing. Didn't count. She just stood. And looked.
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She also got three awards - the ABC award, the Shapes award, and the I Love to Read award, which of course made me so proud. They said she can often be found in the Library, reading books to the other kids.
From am's picasa

Most of all, her creativity and imagination is just bursting at seems. The house is a continuous mess of blankets and pillows, dolls and chairs, something is ALWAYS happening. Here she is in her train.
From am's picasa

We're forever at the park and she's always making friends.
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and exploring more than just the jungle gym.
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We've spent time exploring the arboretum.
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and on pretty days, we walk home from school. We have wonderful people on our street who don't mind her walking through their yards and smelling their flowers.
From am's picasa

Last night I sat down for dinner and looked around me. The posts have been sparse, and I've missed the practice of writing about this life's journey. But I took a big helping of salad, made of lettuce and onions from my neighbors garden and strawberries from Scott Co. so ripe they had to be eaten that day, and felt the warm glow deep in my spirit outshine any of the stress from these past months. When that's gone, this will continue. Blessings.
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The Pinwheel Princess said...

(sigh) beautiful.

Melissa said...

I seriously teared up a bit when I read the part about her being found in the library reading to the other children. Ive only met this little treasure of a girl twice but I think she may be one of the coolest people I know...

carrie said...

I am so grateful that you keep this blog and that I am able to know the details of your life in the weeks between our phone calls. What a beautiful picture you paint with your words. Missing you as always:)

beccyjoe said...

looking forward to hanging out with you and sophie next weekend!