Friday, July 24, 2009

summer time, family time

I told Roy the other day that both of us dealing with an insane amount of crazy stress at work just isn't fair. Couldn't we go through it at separate times? Despite the exhaustion of dealing with such drama, we're finding time to enjoy our summer. We've made a tradition of picking out the most delicious food from Whole Foods, packing a picnic, and going to the Louisville Zoo.
This time, Roy's mom came along for her birthday celebration (which unfortunately fell during the Bluegrass Festival this year.)
The kids loved the petting zoo and I wish I could've gotten on film Sophie's expression and joyous laughter when the gorillas went lumbering to and fro.

I love watching these kids together. I think Riley has no bigger fan than his little sister. I dare say he's fond of her himself.
The zoo was Saturday. Sunday we went to Spindletop, a local country club, for a Cornett family gathering. It was unseasonably cool, but that didn't stop us from swimming, drinking spiked lemonade, and playing in the park. Catching a REAL smile from Riley was one of the highlights of the weekend.
and this might be one of my all time favorite pictures. Ever.
In a couple of weeks, the four of us will head up to Roy's dad's land in Sadieville for a weekend of camping. With all the stress lately, I think a hammock and the sound of the creek is just what the doctor ordered.

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beinmyOWNself said...

those are some CUTE kids!