Sunday, September 12, 2010


This has been a good weekend. There have been good times with brothers


and small

and leftover birthday cupcakes from Caramanda's Bakery.

We worked on Saturday, heading out to Terrapin Hill to check out this local hippie festival near Harrodsburg. Woe is us, having to visit other festivals to get ideas, network, and see how other folks do things.

Terrapin is held at Terrapin Hill Farm, which is beautiful and wooded and there were some really cool things about the way they did things - many which wouldn't work for our Festival of the Bluegrass, but things we still enjoyed.

Riley decided to roll down a giant hill

and then I tried to take a picture of he and Sophie when he announced he was covered in chiggers. Picture fail.

One of the best things about Terrapin are the activities for kids including a tent where they made Sophie two ribbons for her pigtails and a full on playground with old school slides, swing sets, and even the long-removed merry-g0-round.
And then... then it rained and thundered and lighteninged and all around us hippies were securing their tents and chasing after tapestries that had blown down and yelling "WHOOOOOO!!!!" after each loud clap of thunder. Roy almost fell down a muddy hill - with Miller in his arms - and we just kept going while the wind grew cold and blew at our backs until we got to the car completely drenched and hoped we could get out through the mud.
It was awesome.

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