Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Lake

After a couple of days in Freeman, we headed off to Okoboji, IA We rented a big condo on the lake and my folks, Jeremy, and his kids joined us a day later. At the end of vacation, I asked Roy what the highlight of our vacation was. He said drinking his morning coffee on the deck.
Prior to the rest of my family's arrival we took in some mini golf ( I won) and go cart riding.

I'll post another blog featuring the amazing pictures my brother took from our day on the boat, but other than that, this pretty much sums it up.
I have no idea what mom is reading to Oliver in this picture. I like to think it's Redbook.
While there I purchased a very large hat to shield me from the sun. It was one of the most useful purchases I have made. I think Miller agrees.
As I've grown I've realized how much I enjoy vacationing with my family. No one is imposing on anyone else, no one has deadlines or work responsibilities. I highly recommend this way of connecting with those you love.

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