Tuesday, May 15, 2012

out of doors

Roy works most evenings during the week and after a day full of work, I am more grateful than ever for beautiful weather and places to enjoy it.
Our routine is home - Miller watches an episode of Thomas the Train while I prep dinner - we eat - we go outside until it's nearly Miller's bedtime (7:30).

We walk up and down the street, sometimes we head around the block, mostly we end up at the park at the end of our street.

With plenty of grass, slides and swings nearby we rarely venture out in the car, but last week we went to the Arboretum at UKs campus. It was so worth the drive.

This one loves to run, a hobby I hope to cultivate. Soon she'll be old enough to do Girls on the Run, but in the meantime, we'll find time to jog.
The other one loves his sister, and the fish at the Arboretum. I could not pull him away and a few times I thought he was going to tumble head first into the pond.
Yesterday I told him he needed to come inside. He said no. Sophie said no. He walked to Sophie, took her hand, and they walked in the opposite direction together.

I am so screwed.

Every day I am tired. Every day I work so incredibly hard. And every day I come home to these kids and they make me happier than I ever knew possible.

They are so amazing. 

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