Monday, July 9, 2012


I had grand notions of writing June Parts 1-3 in all separate posts. Beautiful pictures, cropped and edited. Words that fall lyrically and would perfectly encapsulate my incredible month. But let's be real: I haven't been able to catch up on housework in 4 weeks, I fall asleep on the couch regularly at 9:00 and there's this little thing called work that keeps interfering with my summer off.

As Sophie was counting down the last days of school I couldn't help but get wrapped up in it, too. I consciously knew that I didn't get a summer break, but somehow it didn't matter. My subconscious was all - HELLS YES!

I must say, despite the regular work (which I love AND gives us a steady paycheck and good health insurance hallelujah amen), I was able to enjoy the first month of summer with my Sophie. An impromptu afternoon excursion to the pool, Saturday morning yoga - free at the park just up the road! - and regular trips to the Farmer's Market make it feel like summer vacation, even if the 'vacation' part is lacking.

June started with a bang when my dear friend Adam got married. We've known each other since we were 5 or 6 and this was the coolest, happiest wedding. I love Adam. I love his bride, Annie. And I love that I got to see so many amazing people.

Since I moved to Kentucky in 2000, the second weekend of June has been held captive by The Festival of the Bluegrass. Now that Roy and I are doing the bulk of the work for this event, the second weekend of June is more like the bottom of a mud covered hill that we have just slid indelicately down and are now buried in muck. Okay, so maybe it's not that bad. The metaphor kind of got away from me there. All I mean is that by the time the Festival rolls around, the heavy lifting is pretty much done and Roy and I are able to see our hard work paying off. And seeing folks enjoy themselves - friends, family, strangers - is a beautiful reward.

I have few pictures, so I suggest checking out our friend Marc's photos. He has captured the spirit of the Festival beautifully. But this is one Roy's aunt took of Sophie and Cousin Aiden.

Miller turned 2 on June 26 so we went to the Bluegrass Railroad Museum in Versailles. This kid LOVES trains. I mean jumps up and down on the couch and screams CHOO CHOO when he sees one. So we had an absolute ball. He got to climb on trains, run around a real caboose, and we took a train on a 5 1/2 mile ride through the county. The excursion was fun on its own, but watching Miller was awesome.



And then there's his birthday present. What kid DOESN'T need a big wheel?? If only his feet could reach the pedals....

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carrie saxl said...

We went to the Western Railway Museum last weekend and Charlie loved it. We took an hour long ride on an all wood car, super cool. Wish we could take these boys together!!!