Tuesday, June 25, 2013

and 5 months later.....

I was astonished to find that my last blog post was in January. JANUARY!

That's a lot of time between posts, even for an irregular blogger like me.

I do have a pretty good excuse.

This year's Festival of the Bluegrass was lucky #40. Organizing this kind of event, while juggling a full time job and family takes its toll, and the reality is blogging takes a back seat. No, not a back seat; blogging gets left on the roadside, abandoned and alone. Poor blogging.

Add Festival insomnia to the mix and it gets really fun. Beginning in April, Roy and I would drink our morning coffee and discuss what woke us up in the middle of the night and how long it took us to get back to sleep.

This was taken Saturday morning of the Festival. Don't we look refreshed? (Hint: IT'S A LIE!!)

Now that it's over and we've almost recovered, I can go through some of the pictures and appreciate the memory of it all.

It was a great year, with KET (Kentucky Educational Television, our very awesome PBS station) live streaming the whole thing online and on their various channels throughout the state. Next summer we'll be the featured festival on Jubilee, which is really, really cool.

But what was the best part? This.


And probably the best part of it all? GRANDPARENTS!!

I continue to be grateful that the Festival is so early in the season, for now we're on to the rest of our summer. Sophie and I will take a quick trip to South Dakota for a wedding. The 5 of us will spend a week at Disney World. And there are an abundance of cookouts, camping trips, days at the pool, and who knows what else will crop up.

Hello, Summer. I'm so glad you're here!

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