Saturday, March 31, 2007


We are inadvertent co-sleepers. It wasn't something we thought about before Sophie was born and we were not prepared to have a newborn in our bed with us. But a tired and hormonal me couldn't bring myself to get out of bed every few hours to nurse our new little one back to sleep, putting her in a cold, lonely crib. So, I pushed back the covers and Sophie moved in.

Nighttime is now one of the most joyous parts of my day. Ok, so not EVERY nighttime is joyous, but our ritual is soothing for me. She loves her bath. We put away the baby tub months ago and every night she swims the length of the tub, splashing and playing and discovering. She then gets a lavender scented massage, with a little bit of quiet play time, before her pj's are put on and it's time to nurse. She falls asleep and I transfer her to my shoulder, then to bed. A few weeks ago, Roy built a co-sleeper that sits by the bed at the perfect height for her to have her own space and me to lay on my side and nurse. I put her down in her place and sometimes she stays asleep Most times I lay with her to nurse.

Already I find myself wishing I could go back to that first midnight labor pain, re-experience childbirth, just so I could do it all again from the beginning. Already, at only 7 months, my little girl is growing up. These nights, in the family bed, as Roy and I look at her beautiful, beautiful face and coo, "I love her" over and over again... these are the moments we wait for. Perfect, pure, moments.


Anonymous said...

Hi Annamarie! I'm probably the last person you ever expected to be getting a comment from, but Patrick forwarded your blog to me and I just thought I'd check in and say how well motherhood seems to become you! Sophie is an absolute doll, and it makes me happy to read about the joy of those first precioius months. I could totally relate to wishing you could go back to those first pangs of labor, the desire to get to experience the miracle one more time (careful, that's how you can end up with three little girls instead of one!) I'm glad that things are going so smoothly. We're finally going to get a package in the mail to you... sorry to be so late!

kclblogs said...

I too find cosleeping so tender and it feels so right and safe. There are days when I would wake up feeling not so thrilled about it, but in the end it was always so sweet.

Glad you're enjoying these days so. The Sophie is a gem!

Jen said...

Hey, Annamarie, this is Jen--congrats on your beautiful baby! Aaron and I have been co-sleeping for 9 years....and we're still going. Every once in awhile, we are on our own, but most days are greeted by a warm body in the night....nothing like that warmth!

Love from Kansas,

Jen CD

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. Our kids spent most nights in bed with us too. Even now, Owen and Mom's special time is lying in the big bed, before bedtime, reading books, talking about our day, and cuddling. And at eight... he now of course heads to his own bed... but that bonding is something I will never regret. Not at 5 months.. and not now.