Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interesting Times

Isn't that the curse? May you live in interesting times. Things certainly have been that.

3 weeks ago, we were rear-ended on our way to a friend's house. We left the scene pretty much unscathed (though Roy spent the next morning in the ER with whiplash and Sophie twitched uncomfortably in her sleep for 2 nights). Just over $400 stands between us and a new car. We have been spoiled with our Nissan Altima rental and the idea of going back to our Kia is, well, unappealing.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated. Our car is too small for our growing family and frankly, the initial purchase was not our smartest decision. The notion of being saved from our mistake is tempting. So right now, I'm just trying to stay present. The situation could've been sooo bad. In addition to no major injuries, the guy who hit us took all the blame and his insurance company is covering everything. While Sophie and I were sitting on the grass, waiting for the police to come, our pediatrician happened to drive by and look her over, making sure she was okay. A small town lies within the borders of this city.

This week at work has also been difficult, conjuring up memories of the Catholic Worker and the good fortune I had to grow up in a non-violent home. One would think the Library is a peaceful place to work. One would be wrong. Downtown Lexington is like most downtowns in a city of 300,000 people. With no daytime shelter, the Library is the only warm, dry place to go. As the weather warms, the homeless return to Lexington from warmer climates and my job suddenly takes on a new role. The events of this past week have made me tired and my spirit feels slightly bruised. While I was not the victim, it pains me to see the situations many of these men and women are living in and the intolerance in people I thought shared my view of the world.

I have always struggled with my naivety. I believe that everyone feels as though I do about things and am hurt when proven wrong. It's not the big picture stuff - obviously, as George W. was elected to a second term - it's the view of life. Kurt Vonnegut, who died last week, said that he believed the image of the soul is a green, glowing orb and isinherintly good. When he met people, he would try to see them not as people, but as green glowing orbs, their goodness. I haven't been hardened yet. The green glowing orbs are all around me - though I'll admit that some shine more brightly than others.

Just when I feel a bit down about things, something happens to perk me up, bring me back to see the goodness of things. I have always found girls difficult to know and I have recently met two that reinstilled my faith in humanity. So interesting? Yes. Beautiful? Always.


kclblogs said...

This is a nice post, AM. Tender, for sure. I can relate to your experience of assuming I'm on the same page as someone I'm getting to know, only to be surprised and confused when I hear something some out of their mouth or watch their actions that are very different than I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you are all alright. We had an accdient on the way to thanksgiving dinner when Lauryn was 3 months, Owen 5. It was so scary. I literally watched the whole thing happen and saw my family race before my eyes. (Stupid girl on her cell phone ran a stop sign.) may the aches and pains from the crash be over soon.

Anonymous said...

My beautiful friend, AnnaMarie - YOU are a person who restores faith to so many around you.
Case in point.
Never doubt the influence you are able to make. You may not realize it, but to some - you have changed their life!