Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's Tuesday night. Sophie is sleeping. Roy is out celebrating our friend Greg's birthday. I'm finishing off the nearly full bottle of pino grigio, cheese from Sunday's knitting group, and am listening to Edith Piaf. Ah, Tuesday's.

I was reading a friends' blog about her "summer vacation" and I realize how wonderful this summer has been. We've taken trips, loved the outdoors, further met our daughter, turned brown, made wonderful friends, sat around in circles sharing stories.

It's mere hours from August and I am so lucky to have another month or two to enjoy patios, campfires, tanktops, and fresh food. My coworker, Jan, was talking about peaches today and wow, PEACHES! I hadn't even thought about peaches yet! Could summer get ANY BETTER? I can hardly wait for Saturday.


Melissa said...

There are some FANTASTIC peaches out right now, they are just perfect Dakotah is eating them non stop.

kclblogs said...

now I'M getting excited about peaches, too!!