Thursday, August 2, 2007


I have two dear friends who live in Minneapolis. Not just aquantances, but people who have touched and impacted my life in ways that I know even I don't understand. When Keith Olbermann broke in to Last Comic Standing last night to report on the bridge collapse in this large Midwestern city, I somehow knew that these people were okay, but it didn't shake the cold chill that flooded through my body, nor cease the frantic text messages and phone calls I made. How often had they driven this exchange? And my brother and sister-in-law who frequent the city - what about them? And all the other people I know who live there?

Last summer, a piece of concrete from a parking garage in downtown Lexington was hit by a truck going less than 5mph and fell on a woman - 9 months pregnant - killing her and her unborn child, instantly. The tragedy shook everyone in Lexington.

These freak accidents scare me, I think, more than anything else. How can you be prepared for something like that? And, while I most certainly believe in God, the HOW of it is immense. Did God's hand play a roll? Was it fate? Are they the same thing?

I pray for the families of those that died and those who are injured and I hold my friends and family close to my heart this day. You're always there, but today you're just a little bit closer.

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