Sunday, August 26, 2007

nice moments

1. It's been a while since we took Riley to the Farmer's Market. Usually I go before everyone is up, but lately I've wanted to make it a family affair. We returned home Saturday after spending our hard earned money on the bounty of fresh goodness that arrives downtown every week and I asked Riley (bedecked in balloon weaponry) what he thought of the Market. "Great," he replied. GREAT!? This from the 9 year old that only eats chicken if it's a nugget??? Step-mom, remember this moment the next time he rejects your fresh cooking for Little Ceasers.

2. Sunday was our friend Jeff's 30th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FISHER!!), We dropped off the kids with their aunt and uncle and, for the first time since Sophie was born, went to spend time with our friends sans little ones. We had a wonderful time celebrating. I rocked out on Guitar Hero, caught up with my dear, dear friends, and laughed... we always laugh. The pickup time was fast approaching and Roy said to me, "Do you want to stay and I'll go pick them up?" How can a mom turn that one down? YES! So he left, I opened another beer and joined the boys for a game of Cornhole. When Josh asked where Roy was I told him and he said, "You know what? You deserve this." Yes, Josh! Yes I do!

3. Three words: BEST! SLEEP! EVER!

4. Friday night I had just finished giving Sophie a bath and was putting her PJ's on her. Riley was sitting in the recliner in her room and we were talking about things. I told him that just this week she started standing up in her crib. He wanted to see how she did it so we layed her down and she was smiling and laughing at her big brother. He said, "Do you want out of there, Sophie?" and he reached in and picked her up and carried her in to the living room. This might seem like nothing, but he has never done this before. He plays with her and he's AMAZING, but he's never just scooped her up and gone off. This was a beautiful moment for me and it was evidence of what a strong and important presence he'll be in her life.

5. Sunday we saw Barack Obama at the Lexington Center. He was awesome and I feel now that I can officially support him for president. We need someone with hope, who can heal our country after the last 7 years of Bush. Who will reinstate Habeas Corpus and close Guantanamo. I worry that he won't get the nomination and that our country is doomed to another term of devisiveness brought to us courtesy of either the republicans or Hillary Clinton, whom I think would bring out that dividing line so prevalent in our already tortured America.

This weekend - this life - is full of beautiful moments. These are just 5 that I wanted to share.


kclblogs said...

I really like this post, AM! It gives us a nice little glimpse into your life. That's exactly what I love about blogging!

Jen said...

Thanks for the hope.

Jen CD

AnnaMarie said...

He actually referred to himself as a "hope-monger" How refreshing after all the war-mongering.

Nikki said...

Can I just add that it is always nice to see you even with the kids. I love the bird to death :) But it did seem that you were able to have more fun this time and that was wonderful! I had a greatt time Sat. and can't wait to do it again!