Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm voting for that guy, what's his name?

Election day is fast approaching and in addition to voting in a very boring gubernatorial race, we Kentuckians will elect a new Attorney General.

During his time in the state house, Stan Lee (who is running for the post) has proposed legislation to deny domestic partner benefits at all Kentucky Universities, petitioned to remove all books in languages other than English from public libraries, and holds up the "traditional family values" our Religious Right is so fond of touting.

I will not vote for Stan Lee in November. In fact, I will thoroughly enjoy pushing the button for, er, the guy who's running against him.

Name recognition is HUGE. Last night, Roy and I hung out with our friends Jenny and Richard and not one of us informed voters could come up with his name! The AG last poll I saw had 30% undecided in this race. When they go to vote in November, whose name will they recognize? The man who's been a vocal member of the House for the last 20 years.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Kentucky, repeat after me:

Jack Conway
Jack Conway
Jack Conway

Bring him up in casual conversation, such as...

"I was watching the news the other night and did you know that JACK CONWAY is running for Attorney General?"


"You know, the name JACK CONWAY sounds so much like Jack Bauer from '24'."

I think that any time you can associate Jack Conway with Jack Bauer, the better.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could try making his name part of the local vernacular with a positive association. Like:
"Did you make this pie?? It's Jack Conway delicious!!"
"Honey, I love those jeans on you. They make you look so Jack Conway." or "What an incredible idea!! You're a regular Jack Conway!!"
...it's worth a try.

Strangeite said...

The True Origin of Jack Conway and Stan Lee.

As a young boy Stan Lee constantly felt overshadowed by the more famous (and really cool) Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. The "true" Stan Lee created Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Hulk and many others. What did lil' Stan Lee ever do of importance? Nothing. In order to get his revenge, lil' Stan Lee became a super villain. He spent his days bullying others and trying to pass legislation that would have been considered appropriate in fascist dictatorship.

Well the innocent people of Kentucky couldn't deal with this menace alone. Through the remarkable power of time travel and inter-dimensional gateways, the "true" Stan Lee created the super hero known as Jack Conway.

Today Jack Conway fights for truth, justice and the American way. He remains constantly vigilant against the diabolical schemes of lil' Stan Lee and in November plans to end his evil ambitions for good.

AnnaMarie said...

THose a great - both of you! Roy, we need to find an artist to come up with that cartoon - Bill Widener perhaps?

Karin, that idea is positively Jack Conway!