Saturday, September 22, 2007

maternal advice

Last night at 10:00 (9:00 South Dakota time) I called my mom for advice. Sophie had developed a case of the pukes Thursday (fun! fun!) and, while she was in pretty good spirits, she threw up about 4 times throughout the day. Not bad, but enough to be inconvenient and gross.

So she went to bed, a tired girl, around 7:15. I checked on her periodically and no throw up. No crying. No diarrhea. All good. At 10:00, when Roy and I were sufficiently tired, I walked in to her room to find her laying in a new spot in her crib, away from a new wet mess... SOUND ASLEEP. She was dry but the spot was wet with nastiness.

So I called my mom.

I have a great mom.

Her advice was to let her sleep. "It's obviously bothering you more than her" she mused. Roy went and got some pedialight to make sure she didn't get dehydrated and we created a station on the dining room table for when she woke up: cleaning supplies, paper towels, and a bottle. By the time we walked back in to her room she had shoved herself into a corner of the bed with her butt stuck in the air. SOUND ASLEEP. This child needed sleep to get better, so I covered the mess in her crib with a waterproof pad and we went to bed, prepared to wake up any moment.

At 5:30 this morning, I heard a cry. Roy and I sprung in to action. She was still in the same butt-in-the-air position. She hadn't thrown up again thank god and I picked her up, stripped her down, and tried to calm the obviously thirsty baby. Roy came with the bottle of electrolights, I stripped the bed and washed the mattress, put on the clean sheet. Roy stayed with her while I went back to bed, prepared to get up with her around 7am. She finally went to sleep for about 15 minutes and I woke up to her crying and coughing. "oh no" I though. Sighing I walked back in to her room. She was standing in her dry crib, smiled at me, and said DAT! pointing at her mound of stuffed animals, apparently right as rain.

Welcome to parenthood.


stacey said...

I dread the first puke...Ella has yet to do so and I am not looking forward to it.

kclblogs said...

wow, you made it year without a pukefest?!! there have been days when i felt like i had taken a bath in bodily fluids. it just got to the point of being laughable. hope you all feel better!

AnnaMarie said...

No no, Sophie has puked before but it's usually been because of teething, not the flu. This was different, however. Never had she puked in bed. Roy wanted to put her in bed with us for the night. Sweet of him, but I didn't want to sleep in puke.

(She's all better, by the way)

The Pinwheel Princess said...

Anna and Roy - The Ultimate Puke Tag Team!!! Who knew???
You're like the pit crew of baby puke!!