Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yesterday we went to Roy's grandparents house to fix their computer and discuss festival stuff. Jean has been in Florida much of this year and I was grateful Sophie had the opportunity to spend time with Great Grandma.

We see great granddad pretty often. He stops by our house regularly and we also spent time with him a couple of weekends at and Roy's dad and Step-mom's house. Yesterday, he told Sophie that when she got a little older, he would buy her some chickens to take care of... at HIS house, thank goodness. I don't think the city of Lexington would take too kindly to a chicken coop in our back yard.

Sophie hasn't been to Bob and Jean's beautiful house on Elkhorn Creek for a while and she had a great time looking around and pointing at things. We walked by the creek, sat on the porch, and took in the beautiful, 70 degree day.
My family comes in 2 weeks. Mom and dad, Jeremy, Stacey, and Ella, Grandma, Aunt Sara and Uncle John, Chris and Tonya and their girls, Hannah and Olivia. It's going to be crazy and wonderful. I can't wait!


kclblogs said...

I love that last one -- thinking pose. Wow, all your family is coming -- that's amazing!! Have a great time.

Unknown said...

I was thinking that the way she was playing with old Festival tickets maybe means that by next year we can start putting her on the schedule for a couple of gate shifts.

She probably won't be tall enough to reach people's car windows, but if we give her a little box to stand on she could do it. We will just have to train her to motion to her wrist for people to show their armbands and teach her to say "No Visiting!".

Nikki said...

He he he, a little Sophie working the gate would be so cute! Who would argue with such a cute face like that?