Monday, January 21, 2008

a weekend is too short, no matter how long

Today is Monday and tomorrow I return to work after 3 days off. This weekend has been great. The house was ALREADY CLEAN when it started. Now, how often does THAT happen? I saw some friends Saturday night, which was lovely lovely lovely, and finally changed out of my pajama's this afternoon after wearing them for... 36 hours? Wow, did I just publish that on a public blog? Anywaaaaay, I spent yesterday and today laying on the couch, playing with Sophie and reading her book after book. Today (after putting on real clothes) Sophie and I went to the park where she thoroughly enjoyed the slide and we both enjoyed it being warmer than 7.

Can I just talk about this child real quick? She is so cool. I can't believe how her personality is really starting to shine. She decorated herself in my (clean) underwear today and carried my alarm clock to the dinner table Saturday night. I've really seen an increase in her attention span, as she's less likely to rush through the pages of a book. Her words are increasing too, but she's in the stage that only her daddy and I know what she's saying. She has a couple of annoying habits, most prominent being that she gets FRUSTRATED very easily, and resorts to screaming. We don't intervene unless the situation is dire (like when she got stuck between the love seat and the chair, legs flailing) or if her safety is at issue, but still... we try to get her to calm down and work it through, but I think this is a work in progress, and one she has inherited honestly from her mama.

I've been playing a lot of online scrabble and have subsequently been noticing words. Here are some of my favorites (not necessarily because of their play in scrabble but because they're nice to say, or they make me feel happy)

Untieing (this one used all of my letters and gave me 80 points - Critical in my win against Roy!)

We watched a couple of movies this weekend, too. Eddie Murphy's 1983 Stand Up routine, Delirious, which is freaking hilarious if you can get through the first 15 minutes or so. We watched Gross Pointe Blank which is a love story, but not a chick flick. I asked Roy what made it so and he said it's because they didn't take their sappiness seriously. I think that's true. I also watched The Royal Tennenbaums which would have to be in my top 10, perhaps even top 5, favorite movies. I love the writing, the music, the humor, the inappropriateness...

So 3 days off and I was lazy. I did some productive things: Laundry. I made meatballs for supper. Finished a beautiful mohair neck warmer and started a pair of socks. And I guess, best of all, I rebooted. Shut down and turned back on. The last two weeks have honestly been pretty bad. There are a number of reasons why we've struggled, but one was that our cat, Tigerlily, went missing about a week ago. Wendy's been a mess. Roy and I couldn't open the back door without expecting to see her jump off the car port and run in FAMISHED because she hasn't eaten in at least 45 minutes. Well, today Tigerlily re-appeared on our front porch. She wasn't her usual spunky self, but she was back with a story we'll never hear. She brought back with her the glimmer of good things, good things that were made recognizable by a relaxing, wonderful, 3-day weekend.


Rae said...

What a beautiful weekend. Never be ashamed to say you spent days in your pajamas, hours watching movies, playing scrabble, or just watching your amazing child learn about the world.

The Pinwheel Princess said...

Awwww girl!
I'm so glad you had such an amazing weekend!!!
And I'm very happy to hear Tigerlilly is home!!!
Mwah mwah mwah!

Strangeite said...

For the record, the first 15 minutes of Delerious are hilarious too, just very inappropriate.

Leigh said...

Delerious was GREAT on Saturday. I am so, so, so glad that Tigerlilly is home!! YIPPPPPEE!