Saturday, July 26, 2008

a life in focus

Late Thursday night, my friend Adam and his girl, Annie, came to visit from Minneapolis. Adam and I grew up one yard apart from each other, in the flat, little square mile we both call home. Oh did we play! Mom has a picture of the two of us - probably 3rd graders - sitting on the sidewalk next to our bikes. I wish I could post that. Instead, I'll post this one of the two of them.
We had the best time, and Sophie made two very good friends. It warms my heart to see my childhood friend and my daughter laughing and playing together, and wonderful to meet Annie, a kind and generous soul.

On their request (they're on a multi-day road trip to Vanderbilt where Adam is doing research for his Fellowship) we did very little. We toured Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery and stopped for Mint Juleps, which were kind of hard to find. We cooked out last night, drank wine from juice glasses (I was happy to find two people who share a fondness for this unorthadox love of mine), and ate lots of cherry tomatoes off our neighbor's plant... especially Sophie.
It was a wonderful and relaxing visit. It's always good to see Adam, and I was especially glad to have them as my guests.

This was the prayer we read at dinner last night. It really spoke to me.

My brother the star, my mother the earth
My father the sun, my sister the moon
to my life give beauty, to my body give strength,
to my work give goodness, to my house give peace
to my spirit give truth, to my elders give wisdom.

We must pray for strength.
We must pray to come together,
Pray to the weaping earth,
pray to the trembling waters
and to the wandering rain.
We must pray to the whispering moon,
pray to the tip-toeing stars
and to the hollering sun.

-Nancy Wood
(earth prayers, p. 174)

After they left this morning, Sophie and I took advantage of Roy's co-worker's gracious offer to let us raid her garden while she's out of town.
When we got home, Roy, Sophie and I crawled into our bed and snugged. Sophie, who was obviously more energetic than her parents, patted our backs and sang us songs as we closed our eyes and rested. It was just another sign of our little girls' old soul, her maternal instinct, and that she's growing up.

It wasn't long, though, before she looked in my face, said EAT, got off the bed, took off her diaper, and streaked through the house. I love this age!

With a day and a half left in the weekend, I feel focused and like I have regained something of myself. Yoga has helped, as have your words of support and encouragement, and a visit from beautiful people. Yoga has taken a back seat these last two days, but tomorrow I will begin again with the deep breaths that whisper in my mind, 'yes....' 'yes....'


Jen said...

Life is so good....I can't believe you also drink wine from juice glasses....something I enjoy as well. It is lovely to read about this day....we are so blessed.

Jen CD

Anonymous said...

i love this post.

and i love to drink from juice glasses too.


AnnaMarie said...

I've missed you girls. And yes, September. September. September.

Anne and Leigh said...

Awww what a wonderful visit, and a wonderful day! I am glad you enjoyed your time with your guest. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


kclblogs said...

wow, I haven't seen Adam for a long, long time. good to remember him, and so nice to hear of your love-filled day.

Rae said...

I believe I met both you and Adam for the first time when we were 5th? 6th? grade. Souix Falls Conference? My... how time has gone by. We all look like ADULTS now!

And can I get an amen to one more "SEPTEMBER!"

beinmyOWNself said...

lol, sometimes i enjoy drinking juice from wine glasses;) sounds like you had a great visit!

Claire said...

We JUST got stemless wine glasses after drinking out of juice glasses for years thinking that I was finally bringing myself up to speed. Well, shoot... I'm going back to my juice glasses!

Good to see Adam. I hope to see him in the near future. We live only 4 hours from each other, but can't quite get it together to get together!

Leigh said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend!

Modernicon said...

Wait, Sophie eats Tomatoes off the vine?!!

and put my vote in for wine in juice glasses as well, or the little jam jars that come with Bonne Maman Blackberry Preserves

Anonymous said...

I love to think about you and Adam as kids. I still often tell one of the funniest stories I've ever heard about the two of you. Aren't you curious which one??

AnnaMarie said...

Oh no..... I can only imagine!!