Wednesday, July 30, 2008

toes can do many things

Last night I walked into the living room to see Sophie putting crayons in between her toes. These last two weeks have see a surge of knowledge in Sophie. Not only in her creativity, but her vocabulary has increased exponentially and she is finally stringing words together, "eat cereal", "mommy nap" and "I baby", which she says when she wants an especially long snuggle.
She's also become very good at telling the world when anyone within ear shot burps or farts.

Roy and I have commented repeatedly on how much she is growing up, and how quickly these two years have passed.

Ah, my little Wren is growing up!


Anne and Leigh said...

AWWWWW She is so adorable! I love the pic of the two of you!


Leigh said...

The pic of you two is adorable!

AnnaMarie said...

Roy took it with his (dum da da DUM!!) iPHONE!!

kclblogs said...

she sure is looking older and wiser. cheers to blogs for bringing us these changes from a distance!