Saturday, October 25, 2008

lovely moments of tomatoes and misunderstandings.

On our way back from Sophie's school carnival, our neighbor, Joyce, handed us a bowl of cherry tomatoes from her plant. With the weather growing cold, this was sure to be the end of the season.

Sophie took the dish, walked straight to her table, and sat down to eat. I love this post because it is so much the personalities of the people in it - Sophie, Riley, and Wendy Dog. It just makes me smile.

I also want to remember this conversation I had with Riley.

On the way to the Carnival we talked about Spore, a game both of us are playing on the computer. He's a lot further than me and was giving me tips. On the way back, however, we had moved on to something else.. I don't remember what. During a lull in the conversation Riley says to me,

"You know how to make babies, right?"

Me, gesturing to Sophie, "Uh, YEAH"

Riley replied, "No, no, in SPORE"

We both had a good laugh over that one.


Anne and Leigh said...

OMG!!! The converstation with Riley, I almost spit water onto my keyboard! Hilarious!!!

Leigh said...

I swear, I busted out laughing at the conversation between you and Riley. I can't stop laughing, HILARIOUS!!!!!

Nikki said...

LOL, how funny.

Modernicon said...

Excellent Birds and Bees conversations, i will have to take notes when it comes time...