Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Little Sophie Update

I was going through pictures this morning and realized how many adorable shots of Sophie I got over the past couple of weeks.
We recently bought her a helmet so she can ride the horse trails with her Pa, Riley and her cousins. She loves her helmet.
She's also got a thing for lemons.
and has recently re-discovered her rocking horse, thanks to the Toys R Us catalog that came in the mail.
We had a house filled with family a couple of weekends ago, and Sophie got to spend some good, quality time with her second cousins Hannah and Olivia, and her Grandma Bixel. Sophie continues to love Opera and she and Grandma bonded over this commonality.We had originally intended to get some wings and dress Sophie up as a butterfly for Halloween, but we waited until the last minute and they were all out. Instead, Roy picked up a Cinderella dress. Sophie loved wearing it and I have no doubt it will be well worn when we go to Disney World this January. It was her first Halloween to trick or treat and while at first she was a little nervous, she realized pretty quickly that they GAVE HER CANDY when she knocked.
Sophie is definitely asserting her little 2 year old self in new and different ways, and it is sometimes a struggle, but she continues to be so sweet, so serious and silly, so loving.

And she really loves her bunny rabbit.


beinmyOWNself said...

she's a PERFECT princess! and i imagine you're gonna have to pry her out of that outfit a few times:)

kclblogs said...

she is so adorable. i love seeing her most adorable moments through your eyes!

Nikki said...

she makes such a cute princess. I bet she had a great time trick or treating. :)

Modernicon said...


Rachel said...

I'd like to meet this this girl someday--what a lovely little character!

Rae said...

I love that Sophie loves clothes about as much as Lauryn does.


The Pinwheel Princess said...

Need I say anything?
I do like how even though she is a Princess - her trick or treat bag is a Joseph Beth sack!
Perfectly apropos!!!