Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday 2008

This Holiday season was filled with such warmth and love. It was different being in Kentucky and not South Dakota, but we found our rhythm and our routine.We celebrated our family Christmas with Riley last Saturday, stockings and all, then craziness ensued with the multiple Cornett events that took place over that weekend; brunch with Roy's mom and sister, brother-in-law, and kids; the adult Cornett dinner; and the after party (with the kids spending the night with their Granny)Then, the great paper-flying gift exchange the following day.

We also got to celebrate the newest Cornett, Isabella. (that brings the family to 40 and makes great-grandchild #6, for those counting)

I worked a slow two days, then took off the rest of the week. It's been glorious! We spent Christmas Eve at Roy's aunt and uncle's house, drinking wine, seeing friends who are more like family and family who are as close as friends, and letting Sophie and Aiden play once again. When we got home, Sophie went to bed and we watched my perennial favorite Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life."

Christmas day was lovely. We opened the last of our presents, watched the Christmas parade and talked about our upcoming trip to Disney World where we will see my mom and dad. Woot! We skyped with the fam up north, and spent the afternoon with Roy's mom, sister and her family. (Camera left at home!)

This Christmas was, no doubt, different. It was 50 degrees. It rained a lot. And of course, I wasn't with my dear family up north. But I found myself continuously counting my blessings. Watching Sophie with Aiden and Aubrey, all born within the same 12 month cycle... watching Riley open his favorite present - a lamp his Great Grandma Jean picked out for him, and the silent, grateful communication between the two of them. Presents were light this year, something Roy and I consciously decided, and therefore the stress felt so much less and the spirit so much more.
And now, a new year looms. A year that will be filled with economic difficulty both worldwide and personal. A year that will be filled with hope, change, and history. A year in which Sophie will grow another year older, another year smarter, another year more ornery. A year in which I expect Riley will face new emotions and feelings. A year in which I hope he will share them with us and we can listen with the understanding necessary.

I sincerely wish everyone a season of plenty and a season filled with blessing. May you be grateful and filled with a sense of peace, even when things don't seem particularly peaceful. Be safe. Be warm. And be love.


Nikki said...

What a wonderful family filled Christmas!

beinmyOWNself said...

erm, is charles singing to the baby, or getting ready to eat her?

Rae said...

What beautiful celebrations.
Glad you had such a wonderful holiday celebration!
Have fun at Disney, that sounds great!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Modernicon said...

aarrrgghh! So if I go to Ky for Xmas will you go to SD. Honestly, it isnt fair! (but I am soooo soooo soooooooooo glad your christmas was beautiful!)