Sunday, April 12, 2009

a good weekend

As my homemade pizza cooks, Mary Poppin's last scene plays on the TV, and half a beer is in my gullet, I can take some time to post a blog.

It's been a good one, complete with cousin love, Easter egg hunts, and exploration.

Sophie's cousin, Aiden, turned 2 last week and what a party was had!
From am's picasa

From am's picasa

Since his birthday falls so close to Easter, there was also an Easter Egg hunt. Sophie, Aubrey, and Aiden were all born within the same year and every time we get together, we shake our heads and sigh over the amounts of trouble these children will cause when they are no longer, well, children. I wished I had my camera at Aiden's party, but all I had was my iPhone. Still, I got a couple of good ones, thanks to Aiden.
From am's picasa

From am's picasa

Sophie still seemed to have a major sugar high when she woke up this morning, so we were quick to go to the park. (I swear that I was not trying to dress my child in as many stripes as I could possibly find. It's just the way things work out sometimes.)

We looked for squirrels.
From am's picasa

and found one.
From am's picasa

We played with sticks.
From am's picasa

and looked in newly found places.
From am's picasa

Despite the chilly temps and my sometimes moody mood, it was a weekend that truly showed the personality and character of my little girl and her mates which I know will bloom into something wonderful. Frightening, but wonderful.
From am's picasa


beinmyOWNself said...

them's some cute younguns!

kristin said...

"frightening, but wonderful."


by the way, i like the stripes. do that again.

CR said...

you should know that I described this picture as being "all that's good in the world"