Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccination

So I've been giving the whole Swine Flu Vaccination thing a lot of thought. I have a step son in middle school, a toddler in pre school, and I work at the public library. All in all, we're exposed to a lot of bugs and viruses. I've gotten the flu shot in years past, as has Sophie, and I've been okay with it. But the H1N1 Vaccine... that's a whole other ballgame. Do I want to submit Sophie to this?

I read the Dr. Sears blog on the subject and I just wanted to share. I know other parents read my blog and I found it helpful and comforting.


Nikki said...

you know I'm not a parent but I think that if I were, this would be a concern on my mind as well. I saw that school that shut down in Junction City already has at least one confirmed case of swine flu. I don't know...schools are germy so part of me says it's a good idea and the other part says no because like the web site says, who knows what's in the vaccine and what it will do to you. I think it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out come November.

kclblogs said...

thought i already commented, so if i'm repeating, i'm sorry!

i am scared of the vaccine -- really. i am not scared of the swine flu.

i thought dr. bob made a good statement. the money issue makes me sick.