Sunday, August 16, 2009

update of a nearly 3 year old

This week, Sophie left the comfort of her 2-year old room at daycare and went to the 3-year old room in the preschool building. What a great opportunity to give a little update on the wonders of my growing little girl.Each developmental stage has offered such joy, and I know that 3 (which she will turn in less than a month) will be no different.

More than almost anything, I have loved experiencing her development of language. She loves phrases like, "Hey, I have an idea!" and "I surely can't." She loves to reenact conversations, saying, "Mommy says, 'Sophie, you can't have candy' and Sophie says, 'but mommy, I want m&m's." She's had great fun talking about "cousin Oviler" and explaining that her grandma and grandpa are also Ella's grandma and grandpa and that her Granny is also Aubrey's granny. When she found out that her grandma was my mommy, she laughed very, very hard.
She loves Hide and Seek, but is terrible at hiding. She would much prefer to seek. If it's her turn, I generally find her standing in the middle of her room with her hands over her eyes.

Everything is pink. She wants pink for her birthday. She wants to eat pink for dinner. Although, she really wants a blue dress.

She's very curious and when we walk to the park, she stops at the same place every time to examine this little spot. (I mean really, can you blame her??)Our struggles with her a few, and for that we are very grateful. She minds us (for the most part) and we've learned not to pressure her to eat all of her dinner at one sitting, or give some leniency in her bedtime. Her eating habits are evolving and she'll love one thing one day and hate it the next, but fortunately she can't get enough of blueberries or cherry tomatoes.

She sleeps well, but there are the occasional nights when Roy and I head to bed and find this little bundle covered up in our blankets and fast asleep, all of her own accord.

This face... it's a sign that she is embarrassed or shy or just uncomfortable being asked to do something. In this case, she clearly did not want to be the center of attention.
She loves the computer and really navigates quite well, as long as we turn off the right click.
Oh, we have our moments with her. She IS almost 3. She is my daughter and therefore stubborn in independent. She would much prefer that I take her to bed over Roy and lets her wish be known in a way only a tired 2 year old can. She wakes up at 3am and doesn't want to go back to bed until it's time to leave for school.

But those moments are so minor compared to the joy we get out of our little nix nux being her silly, wonderful self.


kclblogs said...

loved this post, AM!

beinmyOWNself said...

awwwww I miss you guys!

Rae said...

Oh, I am so behind on my blogging, and blog reading.... so I have read a whole ton of yours all in one sitting! I just have this to say: thanks for letting us be a part of your lives. I love seeing your beautiful family, your love, your excitement, your frustrations -- all of it. Miss you guys.

Rachel said...

What an amazing little girl you have! Ella is looking over my shoulder and asking, "When can I play with Sophie?" Sweet, sweet post.

AnnaMarie said...

Rachel and Ella: Soon, I hope. Soon.

Claire said...

That first picture LOOKS. LIKE. YOUR. MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!! And, we NEED to get together one of these years, sheesh!!!

beccyjoe said...

great update a-m