Saturday, October 10, 2009

mostly dancing

I love Saturday's like this. It's close to 9:00 and everyone is still asleep. Precious time. After a cup or two of coffee, I'll run to the market and get some apples. I think I'm going to try my hand at applesauce today. I'm planning to use this recipe, but I'll take others! Jen, you gave us applesauce last year that was to die for! Recipe blog? It's cold and dreary outside, but not snowing like it is up north. That's crazy! I can just hear Roy, "why do people live there?" No offense to you lovely people who do live there. He's a southerner. What can you do?

The weather this week allowed us for a walk up to the park. I was so ashamed when I realized how long since we'd been there; it was obvious in watching Sophie's play. She would say, "Ok, swing the swings! Run underneath! Now to the teetertotter! Now back to the swings! Now to the slide!" and of course I was a willing participant. She kept wanting to climb the HUGE, old trees but that was nearly impossible. So we found this one - just her size.
I had trouble getting photos of Sophie's dance class this week. The camera kept wanted to focus on the window rather than the girl, but oh well. Watching all the mom's rush to the window and jockey for place is always entertaining. I am so that mom!

Sophie is the only Caucasian in the class, which means I'm in the minority in the waiting room. We chit chat now and then, but the other moms are obvious friends and I'm content to read my book, participating now and then. We do come together which exclamations of 'you have GOT to see this!' from whoever has the best vantage point.
This week they learned some tap and I can say with a high degree of confidence that Sophie is rather intimidated by the tap... or maybe it's the coordination required. She watched intently as Ms. Megan showed them the step, but she just couldn't figure it out. Then she got frustrated.

I think tap will be good for her - even if she never wants to do it again after the cycle of classes is over. It will (hopefully) show her that perseverance pays off and she might even learn some confidence and balance.

Today it's Canada's Thanksgiving. (Beccy Jo!) and this is the prayer for today that appears in my prayer book. It's one of my favorites. May it be a blessing and reminder to us all.

Eternal Spirit of Justice and Love,
At this time of Thanksgiving we would be aware of our dependence on the earth and on the sustaining presence of other human beings both living and gone before us.
As we partake of bread and wine, may we remember that there are many for whom sufficient bread is a luxury, or for whom wine, when attainable, is only an escape. Let our thanksgiving for life's bounty include a commitment to change the world, that those who are now hungry may be filled and those without hope may be given courage.
(Congregation of Abraxas)


Jennifer Chappell Deckert said...

Oh, how I miss applesauce! It is too simple for the recipe blog...and last year, I made 12 gallons of it plus some apple butter...that's what happens when your last child goes to Kindergarten. I call it mental health.

So, my mother taught me to mix apples. Two or three different kinds make the best sauce. Then Grossmama taught me to put in a little apple cider instead of water. Boil until complete mush, then strain. That's it. Mom adds sugar. I sometimes do and sometimes don't, but just eyeball it.

Nick Smith said...

No offense is taken - I live up north, and I also wonder why people would live up here - 6 months of snow, no biscuits and gravy, and angry people always frenetically trying to catch up on everything? Give me the south any day of the week.

Strangeite said...

Nick, you left out the inability to purchase Jim Beam 7 year and Ale8-One.

These two items alone make dealing with the crazies in our beloved Commonwealth bearable. Especially if you mix one into the other.

beccyjoe said...

Sadly I'm in the states for Canadian thanksgiving and will be in Canada for U.S. thanksgiving. sad!