Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things as they are... and they are good

The truth is, I'm tired. All day, every day, tired.

On Thanksgiving Day, I was thankful for many, many things - too many to name - but most of all, I was thankful to be celebrating my 10th week of pregnancy. A momentous occasion no doubt, and I took full advantage of "eating for two". Tired, yes. Sick, no. I feel fantastic physically (most of the time), just tired.

Still, this long weekend has been wonderful. It's been unhurried and fulfilling. We've had the good fortune of Riley being with us for all of it - a rarity! - and Sophie is quite possibly the luckiest little girl on the face of the earth to have him as her big brother.

There was lots of dancing, the highlight of which was watching them dance like "Michael Jackson".
From am's picasa
We Skyped.
From am's picasa
Put up the tree.
From am's picasa
And Sophie has rearranged the decorations within her reach many, many times.*
From am's picasa
We played.
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And we spent lots of time together.
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Yes, I'm tired. But all of this has been so worth it.

*A note on this dress. Some members of my family will recognize it as the dress Grandma Betty made for me to wear in Aunt Kaye's wedding when I was 5 years old. It has been hanging in Sophie's closet and she simply loves to wear it. As I put it on her, I understand why. Not only is it impeccably made, but it feels like with every stitch and every cut, Grandma infused it with love. Knowing Grandma, she probably did.


Nikki said...

what a heartwarming post. Love the dress by the way. She looks so cute in it!

The Pinwheel Princess said...

Awww, girl, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!
And yes, those dresses. . . I know them too. Never anything better.

Leigh said...

The pic of Sophie with her dress on and decorating the tree is gorgeous. It looks like something out of an old timey childrens book. I LOVE IT!


Rachel said...

Did you just say "ten weeks pregnant"?!? Well, congratulations!!! Fantastic! And oh (!), the tiredness...hang in there : )

NatashaTing said...

oh, i love your posts so much. as Nikki said, they're heartwarming.and in the other hand,pregnancy is such an amazing thing that we've to appreciate seriously. women who pregnant are gorgeous =D