Saturday, July 17, 2010

three weeks

Our Miller is 3 weeks old today. It all at once feels like yesterday and forever ago. As of Tuesday he has gained over 2 pounds, a confirmation to my perception that he is always eating. He can hold his head up surprisingly well and loves to look around with a wide-eyed intensity - at least during those still brief awake periods. He doesn't cry very much and we are starting to hear the occasional little ooh, which makes me even more excited for the weeks and months to come.

It's amazing to me how our kids personalities are apparent so quickly after birth. We saw in Sophie her long attention span, the old soul looking out of her big brown eyes, and her intensity of love and affection. At almost 4 she will break into any conversation to tell someone she loves them and will repeatedly leave her seat at dinner to kiss me or Roy.

In Miller I see a fierce streak of independence. He loves to be held and toted around in the carrier, but he needs his time alone. Tonight I was struggling to get him down. I wasn't very careful about my diet today, tempted by all the fresh produce at the farmer's market (and the chocolate ice cream cake at my nephew's 7th birthday party). I'm guessing my milk wasn't quite to his liking this evening.

Finally, after trying pretty much everything I could think of, I swaddled him and laid him down in the cosleeper. Lo and behold, the kid just wanted to be left alone. I think we can all relate. Already at 3 weeks, this boy's personality is shining through. I can't wait to see what else is in store.

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beinmyOWNself said...

i can't wait to meet him!