Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost Heaven

It's not very often that we take a vacation that is without agenda. Sure, our trip to Canaan Valley, WV was organized around the Pickin' in Parson's Bluegrass Festival, but that was only one day out of five. The remaining four days' morning conversation went something like this:

Me: did you make coffee?
Roy: Yes. We're almost out of cream.
Me: Okay. What do you want to do today?
Roy: I don't know.
Me: Me either. I'm going to take Wendy for a walk and listen to my book on tape.
Roy: Sounds good.

In otherwords, this trip was bliss.We rented this house:
with this view:
We shopped at this grocery store:with this beer selection:
and when it rained, Sophie (and her umbrella) just had to be on the porch.
There was lots of sibling love.
and lazy days in our pj's
and we couldn't keep Sophie out of the hot tub.
Roy got some downtime, too.We went into Davis, WV where Sophie fell in love with this elephant.
and hiked to Blackwater Falls.
We enjoyed the Bluegrass Festival and the picnic of vendor chicken strips, lemonade and plates of Barbeque with all the fixins.
and I got to step away from the laundry, the mess, the housework, and remember what kind of mom I strive to be. Patient. Attentive. Loving. Did I mention patient?
and we all enjoyed our time getting to know this little guy a little bit better.

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beinmyOWNself said...

awesome pics! glad you guys had fun!