Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kentucky State Fair

Yesterday we ventured to Louisville for the Kentucky State Fair. We saw cake wrecks and blue ribbon preserves and so many bleating goats that they completely freaked out our city girl. We saw burgers served on crispy cream donuts, lots of things "on a stick" and Sophie was covered in cotton candy within our first 15 minutes inside the south wing.

We saw bunny rabbitschicks that slideand ate roasted fresh Kentucky corn.Sophie participated in a tricycle race and impressed me with her maturity when she didn't get the purple trike and came in last.
Miller chilled in his stroller, rode in the carrier, and we enjoyed some welcome one-on-one time in the Central Baptist Hospital nursing room. Oh, thank you Central Baptist.
Sophie got in some games and rides.
was mesmerized by hatching chicks
and spent some quality time with the great grandparents. We will all treasure these memories.

I'd say we walked about 10 miles (no exaggeration) and I came home craving something green and fresh. The kids were cranky and tired (and so were we) but oh what fun!


stacey said...

Ella had so much fun at the Turner County Fair as well. She made it there 3 times thanks to mom and the 2 sets of grandparents.

And Miller is so cute! He's really filled out since I last saw pics. Wonderful!


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