Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miller Miller Caterpillar

It's hard to believe that our little Miller is already 2 months. More astonishing is how quickly he moved from newborn to full on baby. It's gone so fast!
Every day he is more willing to smile, such a gratifying milestone. Oh, and the way he talks to the little birds on his mobile and the animals that hang from his gym just makes me swoon. Lately he is more likely to vocalize his discomfort rather than cry and I appreciate this. He is terribly alert, always looking around and he loves to be carried and held face out so he can see the world.
He's gets fussy around suppertime each night, but it doesn't last for long and he generally keeps a very sunny disposition. If he's upset and refusing to nurse, rocking and singing works like a charm and he seems especially partial to "Peace, peace", which is sung every year at Christmas in my hometown church.
When Sophie was born, we didn't intend to co-sleep. Yet she needed this closeness and moved into the family bed. We planned to co-sleep with Miller, but he sleeps better on his own. For the past week he has been waking only once each night to nurse. You know how grateful I am for this.Every day my love grows for this little guy and my life feels somehow more complete. It wasn't incomplete before he was born, but the sense of fulfillment overwhelms me. As I return to work on Wednesday, I will carry these images and memories of his first two months very close. My little Caterpillar.

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beinmyOWNself said...

he's getting so BIG! i want to hold him and cuddle him!